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                  copyright oriental expression 2009 rosewood colour samples 29 August, 2017      ?Oriental Expression     tel: 01223 834729

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                  Wood Colours

                  OPTIONS -

                  Finishes - Solid  wood, in a range of finishes & colours.

                  Handles- carved, brass, or inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

                  Carvings- Long Life, dragon, bird & flower and grapes are the most popular designs.

                  Sizes - available in a range of sizes and made  to your own measurements using our bespoke service.

                  Tel: 01223 834729

                  Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-5.00


                  (Full retail price £  )


                  Unit 34c, Industrial Estate,

                  London Road,


                  Cambridgeshire CB22 3EE

                  tel. 01223 834729. Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 -5.00

                   Rosewood Ming style dining suite from Oriental Expression. Oriental Expression 01223 834729 Buy from Stock


                  Baimu flowerstands

                  15X15X35 ? “ High

                  38x38x890? cms High

                  Pair of Flower Stands with Drawer and Shelf.

                  Flower Stands from the entrance hall of a traditional Mid 19th Century Manor House in Beijing area. Crafted from Cypress (Baimu) and Rosewood (Huali).

                  With a glass top they make a splendid hall table or console, also ideal as lamp or flower stands.