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                  Oriental Expression

                    01223 834729

                  34C Industrial Estate,

                  Pampisford (Sawston),


                  CB22 3EE

                  LRC 7315bOE AMCORNEROE7316OE CSCUROE7318POE7369POE PSD40DIS

                  Display Cabinets

                  With beautiful bevelled glass, tempered for safety.

                  Small Moongate Curio cabinet

                  Curio cabinet 114R20WHS

                  114R20WHS OE ASH CORNER OE 30UBOOK OE L25GLASS Buffet-Display-72inch-plain-OE7047MP OE 128R51GCAB display cabinet shinto style OE COMBI CABINET OE7351 Display Cabinet Long Life design Display Cabinet Long Life design IN STOCK IN STOCK IN STOCK IN STOCK Rosewood Display Cabinet with 2 Drawers Longlife carved.

                  Display Cabinet L40GLASS