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                  Oriental Expression

                    01223 834729

                  34C Industrial Estate,

                  Pampisford (Sawston),


                  CB22 3EE

                  TV & Hi Fi Cabinets

                  A selection from our extensive collection of handmade media cabinets for TV and Audio equipment.  Each piece of furniture is available in a choice of colours and woods with optional carvings and brassware.

                  Click on a picture below for more details.

                  TV OE7322P TV OELS84TV TV OE7423 TV OE7472L TV unit with 2 drawers & glass door-TV OE7323P Low tv stand-TV OE35E40 Corner tv cabinet-TV OE28E5TV TV OEEP36TV TV cabinet Queen Anne style OE7603 TV cabinet-Shinto style-TV 123R1STV 6 drawer rosewood CD cabinet 9 drawers CD cabinet LL carved OE-7043p-tv

                  For more information tel: 01223 834729

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