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                  Oriental Expression

                    01223 834729

                  34C Industrial Estate,

                  Pampisford (Sawston),


                  CB22 3EE


                  (Full retail price £  )


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                  End cabinet with Long Life design carving

                  A luxurious Chinese rosewood side cabinet, hand polished to a lustrous finish..

                  This lamp table can also be used as a bedside table or small TV & media cabinet.

                   L22”   W22” H22”

                  L56     W56   H56 CMS

                  Rosewood lamp or end table in long life design

                  OE 7043L

                  The left cabinet is solid rosewood colour 2 with a polished finish  

                  The right cabinet is solid rosewood colour 2 with a satin finish

                  Sofa end cabinet in Chinese Rosewood with LongLife carving.

                  Wood Colours