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    Rosewood, blackwood, redwood, ash, chi chi wood, in a range of finishes & colours.

    Handles- carved, brass, or inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

    Carvings- Long Life, dragon, bird & flower and grapes are the most popular designs.

    Sizes - available in a range of sizes and made  to your own measurements using our bespoke service.


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    Wood Colours

    Price List.

    L40”   W20”   H23”

    L102   W51    H59 cms

    Camphorwood Chest with Long Life carving

    A Rosewood chest with a Camphor Wood Lining, more commonly known as a Camphorwood chest.

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    OE 7029L

    Longlife carved camphorwood lined chest, rosewood colour 3L  Chinese rosewood chest with longlife carving, colour 2.