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                  copyright oriental expression 2009 rosewood colour samples

                  Tel: 01223 834729

                  Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-5.00

                  OPTIONS -

                  Rosewood, blackwood, redwood, ash, chi chi wood, in a range of finishes & colours.

                  Handles- carved, brass, or inlaid with Mother of Pearl.

                  Carvings- Long Life, dragon, bird & flower and grapes are the most popular designs.

                  Sizes - available in a range of sizes and made  to your own measurements using our bespoke service.


                  21 April, 2015      ?Oriental Expression     tel: 01223 834729

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                  Wood Colours

                   Rosewood Ming style dining suite from Oriental Expression. sale_notice Price Matching SALE Oriental Expression

                  Desk  OE 7011P

                  Bookcase upper cabinet

                  L35  W9    H42 inches

                  L89  W23  H107 cms


                  chinese rosewood desk with book case

                  Rosewood Bureau with two door glazed bookcase

                  This compact rosewood bureau has a surprisingly generous working area when open and is accompanied by a glazed 2 door book cabinet above, with two adjustable shelves.

                  OE 7371P